SEO Overview for Newbies

SEO overview for beginners:

SEO = Search Engine Optimization, which means a digital marketer ranks his client’s website on the first page of Google to drive sales

For this, he focuses on generating leads and obtaining organic traffic.

There are many search engines, among that Google ranks number one search engine.

If a user searches a word in google, it displays relevant information.

There are two types of SEO:

OnPage SEO: Relevant Content with relevancy results for the users. A good user experience.

OffPage SEO: Quality content with high backlinks. With more backlinks the site is essential.

  1. Organic SEO: Where traffic is obtained organically by adhering to Google policies
  2. Paid SEO: Where clients pay for google Ad Campaigns to display their ads to the right customers.

And there are two concepts in a Lead generation:

A. Inbound Traffic: people looking for us

B. Outbound Traffic: we are looking for clients

Branches of SEO where a Digital Marketer focuses are;

  • Keyword Research: To Show relevant information to the user”s and for quality results, keyword research is the first step. 
  • Link Building: Links are build by other websites through quality content.
  • Ranking: Google algorithms calculate page ranking
  • Traffic Monitoring: Monitoring the users visiting count 
  • Content: Quality and relevant content for the users
  • Social media Strategy; Promoting through social media profiles
  • Comments and Feedback: comments section for improvement
  • Site optimization: Optimizing the site for a better interface.
  • Website design: Attractive website design is an added value for the users.
  • Software Development: Updating the website with latest software’s for better performance.

Conclusion: SEO is a long term goal. 


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