Niche Clarity Routines

Niche Clarity Routines

Niche Clarity is the basic foundation for your online presence. It’s the true identity of you. To identify correct niche you need to brainstorm and invest time to find the right micro niche. That doesn’t happen in one or two days it takes time. You need to correlate your niche and relevant market place to grow your sales or leads.

To evolve your strategy should include a consistent routines for a period of time.

Routine 1. Wake up early. Why?

Because early morning is the best time to brainstorm and explore your ideas.

Routine 2. Write it down. Why?

When you are writing your thoughts you can identify the right keywords and enjoy your thought process in depth.

Routine 3. Research the Keywords.

On daily basis research few keywords and identify the lead generation opportunities, where later they become your prospects.

All the best for your niche clarity.

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